What do Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Lockdown Protests Have in Common?

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Good Governance

  1. The task of good government is to see that the weak are protected. The idea that government is to stay out of the way and allow the weak to be trodden upon is a bad idea. It is the job of the strong to protect the weak, to serve in the interests of the weak.
  2. Government isn’t just to serve the interests of the people of its own electorate (nation), but serve in a global community, where we seek our common welfare and not dominance at the expense of others. The Old Testament tabernacle depicts this: with 12 tribes around the camp, as one family, but none dominating the other, no central Pharaoh. These twelve tribes pictured this way were a model of the new Israel, the new creation we are part of today.

Governments are failing in both of these respects above. They have allowed corporations and the rich to exercise a leverage over government policy. In the USA this is through lobbyists that sponsor politicians and sponsor regulatory advisory bodies and sponsor legislation in their favour. No matter who votes for the politician, the politicians serve these corporate interests.

This allows these corporate bodies to grow into monopolies. Monopolies were against the law in our youth. This was because they would exercise too much power over government due to a concertation of wealth. They would undo the balance of powers so important to democracy. However, the Reagan/ Thatcher doctrine of “let government get out of the way,” has meant corporations can become as dangerous as the mythical sea monsters like Leviathan. They have become pagan powers of destruction serving only their own interests. It is government’s job to slay these dragons of the sea.

The Covid event of 2020 has clearly revealed how much power these dragons now leverage. As President Roosevelt warned concerning monopoly power, it is driving us to the point of Fascism.  They exercise power over public policy, such as the World Health Organisation. They exercise power over the United Nations and Davos, through the Agenda 21 and Great Reset plans now underway, holding strong sway over governments in many nations. They exercise power over the press through massive donations and advertising contracts. These media outlets are operating in treasonous ways, serving another master other than the people of an electorate. This clearly should be against the law. They operate power over many research and academic institutions through huge financial grants. President Eisenhower also warned about this “technocratic” takeover of the government.

Private sector corruption today has become massive. It means the elite pay next to zero taxes, as offshore secret accounts are set up, which also become havens for money which the West illegally sucks out of the developing world. Monopolies kill research, industry, and development in local communities all over the world, while returning a little “philanthropy” in its place. Then when local regions are suffering, the United Nations recommends industrial levels of abortion to deal with the poverty amongst the children. These are crimes against humanity. Instead, global bodies should be advocating good governance at a global level, that decentralises power and wealth.

The chemical farming industry is killing our soils all around the world, which government knows, but does nothing about due to the high profits to monopolies like Monsanto. These dying soils are impoverishing millions of people and becoming the cause for much of the violence labelled “terrorism” and deadly crimes we see today in all these impoverished regions.

This Covid event has revealed that there is one protest, not three. In recent years we had the Occupy Protest, which drew attention to the global financial corruption. More recently we had the Black Lives Matter Protest, which brough attention to the conditions in which many people live. In the last few months we have had Lockdown protests against the heavy hand of government implementing public policy to restructure the economy in the elite’s favour. Can we now see these three protests are the same? Not the Extinction Rebellion Protest: this has been more highjacked by the elite. Oil is polluting, and the oil economy has destroyed nations, but this protest has no interest in overcoming monopolies in industrial farming. The Extinction Rebellion is interested in new patents for billions of new dollars in new “green” industries. Natural, real solutions make no money for the billionaires.

The Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Lockdown Protests are all about the control of the elite over our economy for their own purposes. They inflict a false “austerity” upon us all. Instead of dividing us they should unite us, to call out: “Government, rule for the weak, for our soils, for our freedom, for our local regional development, for small business interests, for small farm interests, for the development of rural regions. Restore the sustainability of the family in rural life. Break up monopoly power, as our original democratic charter insisted. Stop the corruption of global business and vested interests, first in government and also in the mighty dragons that threaten life and limb everywhere. Stop the undemocratic rule from global bodies and global business powers over local democracy. Return genuine democratic government to the people.”

The private sector of the 1% has corrupted government. This is the pandemic and the vaccines are transparency and full accountability (not disingenuous lip-service) for genuine public interests.

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