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Another area where some Christians hold secular organisations in suspicion is to do with our differing assessments on “scientific fact.” “Science” very easily becomes a political matter. It isn’t that we don’t trust science, but we don’t trust humans who make various claims based on “science.”

This happens in areas such as the study of evolution, sexual orientation, genderism, environmentalism, medicine and any other matters that people build careers, political agendas or personal faiths out of. People claim the “moral scientific” high ground and sling mud at each other.

Cultural wars have become the behaviour that marks our modern-day relationships. I used to be involved in them as a “concerned Christian.” But the bitterness of the players, on both sides, was more concerning. It’s very difficult to display the character of Christ in culture wars.

It also means we don’t listen to each other. This is the main outcome of our culture wars.

People firm up their positions, solidify themselves in their camps and shut their ears to others. And pride becomes the result. This was the state of play in Jerusalem when Jesus came, and warned them of the consequences and their hatred. It would bring their civilization down. And it did. In the end, it wasn’t a matter of who was right and who was wrong, but how they treated each other.

This is what blinds us in our culture wars. We think we are warriors for truth, but we are not fighting for the truth that God is fighting for in his self-giving service, like we see in the Sermon on the Mount. The truth he wants is our care for each other. This is why the other truths matter, to help us care well, not just to win arguments.

The culture wars in our society, the winner takes all attitude that pervades our politics, must give way to cooperative attitudes. We must stop building on the evolutionary ethic of competition, that we pride ourselves on in our ant-communism. Our oppositional politics must give way to selfless cooperative models in government, like we see in war times. We are in such times today. Otherwise we will destroy everything we are fighting to save. That won’t help anyone.

Our societies are in need of a complete overhaul in the way we treat each other and the way we advocate truth. We must build supportive cultures, that approach truth the way Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount, not with our sharp tongues, which pull others down.

If our bitterness against secular organisations like the United Nations could reduce, then we may be able to help more, and bring transformation to ourselves and to our nations. And if you meet people bitter against you, just forgive, and keep helping. In the end, scientific truth will speak for itself.

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