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The environment matters and matters a lot. The biblical mandate is for us to care for the environment. The number “seven” in scripture, that is a major theme throughout the bible, is drawn from the seven days of creation and represents God’s love and restorative plans for this world. God’s entire heaven and earth cosmos is central to God’s plans in the gospel. A Greek styled “gnostic-gospel” has steered modern Christianity away from this reality into a self-centred spiritualism, that has contributed to our neglect of the poor, our refusal to love our enemies (as Jesus commanded) and an exploitation of the environment, as if it was a throw away commodity.

The discovery of the uses of oil brought staggering achievements in the twentieth century. It is also one of the factors that brought significant polarisation and suffering to the world. Today, as the world is attempting to move into new technologies, there is also a significant polarisation in how this should be done and to what degree.

* The dominance of the petrodollar in our current time is discussed, with the consequences this has brought to our relationships in the world.

* The potential emerging dominance of renewable energy markets is also looked at, as well as its shortfall in addressing the needs of the poor and reconciliation in our relationships, upon which environmental renewal is based.

This book looks at the importance of the environment from the biblical and Christian perspective, and ways in which we have become blind to this. It also looks at local issues in Nigeria, where environmental problems have taken a heavy toll of people’s lives, and the measures that are succeeding to turn this around.

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