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Dr Astrid Stuckelberger has worked for many years at the front line of pandemic preparedness. Here she spoke at an interview on the private takeover and dictatorship of the World Health Organisation. She calls it a private organisation which now runs primarily to market products by force, making the whole global population its commercial property. After looking at background information over the last year, I now have no hesitancy in calling this Covid situation a scamdemic and a Mafia operation, which is also in control of our international political process. Governments have signed contracts with the WHO that bind them to the WHO’s dictates.

For example, a professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology who is a friend of CFM worked with a team of scientists to produce a herbal treatment for Covid, based on the scientifically proven Artemesia plant and other herbs known for their effective agents. Another friend works in Britain as a scientist with Zoetis, the leading veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world. She tells us she used Artemesia growing up in Nigeria and it’s the best treatment available for malaria, prepared by her parents at home. The WHO have banned it’s use for malaria, denying Nigerian people the economic advantage. Ruth and I were having malaria repeatedly, as our prescribed treatments weren’t working. Since taking our friend’s Covid treatment we haven’t had malaria. This treatment has been used in our state’s Covid hospital with 100% effectiveness for the patients. The state Governor has sponsored its production, but it is covert, because the WHO has banned the use of any non-patented, non-approved WHO treatment. It is the same reason why HCQ has been banned but also used effectively covertly, along with other safe, effective and cheap treatments. We don’t need the enforced patented products, the masks, the manipulated data, the police harassment, the loss of human rights, nor the lockdowns impoverishing and killing many people, the WHO has enforced.

I was speaking to a friend in Britain yesterday who is a doctor and runs a practice and he told me that funds printed in the UK to alleviate the economic collapse are going to friends of the powers that be, to “Covid contracts,” while many people in the nation sink further into poverty. When those who dictate policy are the ones who profit from policy then large crimes are inevitable. The plan has been explicitly stated by the World Economic Forum: when people see the economic collapse, they will believe the Great Reset is our solution, but that will bring us into a global crisis that will kill millions of people and bring the rest into a global dictatorship. Our experience over the years in Nigeria shows this to be true. Global Mafia financial corruption has destroyed this nation and any further “climate lockdown” will eliminate millions more lives. My friend and I agreed that we need medical and economic empowerment at local levels, not a centralised dictatorship.

As we look to the new forms of government now being imposed upon us, as many crises are being utilised, enlarged or even fabricated, we also look to the early church for a form of protest that works. We love our work in Nigeria, in which so many students are coming to the bible college from so many different backgrounds, are learning to love each other, and take the gospel of Christlikeness and peace back to their regions of devastation and conflict. Healing and renewal come everywhere they go. Dictatorship will not stop mission and the church. We are experiencing great revival in the midst of great darkness, due entirely to the Lord’s faithfulness in hardship.

The early church shunned all forms of violence, respected the authorities and abided by all reasonable laws. They also kept the law of God on worship, assembling together and sharing the gospel and God’s truth, without accepting public or official intimidation. As conscientious objectors, they practiced non-compliance with the evil in the empire, even if it cost them their homes and lives.

Here are some suggestions for non-compliance, for conscientious objection, for building a better way of life for our communities, some suggested “do’s.”

  • Buy from small stores and smaller businesses, support the family businesses of local people who are committed to and who support the local environment.
  • Buy from local primary producers who are committed to supporting local environment.
  • Bank in local community banks, that are committed to supporting local families and local sustainable projects.
  • Farm with ecosystem enrichment techniques, not with artificial industrial farming techniques. Rebuild your environment by returning power to the local rural community, local biodiversity and local businesses, that promote sustainability and the rehabilitation of wasted lands, flora and fauna.
  • Build your health on good diets and a diversity of expertly advised treatments, not relying on patented monopoly industries alone.
  • Love your enemies, do not accept the divisions of identity-politics, but care practically for others, rather than adopt the language dictatorship and “virtue signalling” of political-correctness.
  • Adopt the sexual and family values of scripture, to protect children, to rebuild a society that is a safe haven from all forms of child abuse, paedophilia and sex trafficking.
  • Abide by the creation values of scripture for life, with no killing of people, stopping economic wars, stopping the greed of the arms industry, upholding instead the right of life from the womb to the tomb.
  • Get off the mainline media and support censored investigative journalist professionals so they can do their work of bringing accountability and accessibility to information, so we can participate and judge for ourselves in our own local community what is true.
  • Get off mainline social media that sells your data and censors your content. Support democratic internet platforms.
  • Care for the marginalised and reject the economics of separation. Support the weak, the poor, the sick, the “fallen,” the homeless, the foreigner, and the refugee, shunning all forms of materialism and economic exploitation.
  • Encourage the rule of law at all levels of government, to protect the weak against the strong, to rid governments of all forms of corruption, to stand against the interests of monopolies, to bring decentralised jurisdiction for the interests of all people in local communities.

If we don’t build decentralised, environmental and family supporting communities, others will build a dictatorship for us. Turn off the television and start walking with God in our Exodus. Be the protest movement of the early church in renewing lives and nations.


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