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It came out in yesterday’s newspapers: scientists have introduced human stem cells into monkey embryos, which have survived and grown for two weeks. Commentators say this could lead to future success, where such a hybrid could be grown into a living being, for the purposes of medical research and human organ farming.

This research was kept a secret, until the report yesterday. When you think about the extent the elite go to to become “immortal,” it reminds you of the movie called Island. Clones were farmed for future organ donation to the investor. They were living human beings and led to believe they would one day go to a special island to enjoy. This “island” was instead the day they would die so their owner could live. This “Island” represents the false promises of science today, with their lockdowns, masks, vaccines, GMO foods, while life continues to deteriorate, and the elite gain more control of all markets. We actually live in the days this movie depicts.

Another media report today speaks of the horrendous people-trafficking, including children for sex and organ donations. There is a huge illegal market globally for organs today. I have been approached several times to help people buy an organ from Asia, not knowing where that organ came from. Reports have come out about the concentration camps now in China, with one million Muslims interned for “re-education,” slave labour and organ donation. China also forcefully aborts children and sterilises women, again for the protection of resources for the elite.

The report above about the human-monkeys makes you ask how many more research projects are secret? Corporations research all kinds of radical shifts in “health” and warfare technologies, in league with government military agencies. There is a whole range of transhuman research going on, using biological and digital technologies. Back to the organs, it is hoped that many kinds of animals will be used as farms for human organs, while the abuse of animals and humans will be swept under the carpet. What a profitable business this would be, considering the huge demand there is today on illegal markets for such “products.” But what incredible deadly side affects all these new technologies will have on human health.

Another report went back into history a bit, to England in the industrial revolution. Most of the people who died then of ill health did so due to corrupt practices in urban fast-food production, then in high demand, or due to the terrible hygiene conditions corporations forced their workers into. When these corrupt business practices were stopped, public health greatly improved in the twentieth century. But the pharmaceutical companies took the credit for the growing health figures, claiming it was their drugs and vaccines. This is where our modern culture comes from: depending on the people in white coats for our health, while they lead us down the garden path of new technologies, for the interests of their own profits and control of the markets. Once we get free from corrupt business and reinstate the natural forms of agriculture and health meant for our wellbeing, we will find the truth the stock markets don’t want us to embrace. Medical research is good, but it must encourage natural life systems and not replace them.

It was also reported that last week the first robot police went out on duty in an American city. How often have we delt with police and thanked God they are humans, able to think humanly about their work policing other humans. This reminds me of another movie: Hunger Games. The elite policing the declining populations with machines and segregation, while they take charge of the resources. The corruption that exists in societies today shows us without doubt that this is the kind of world that is being built now. If we weren’t filled with corruption, I would believe the technologies coming out are with good intention. But when we are being lied to constantly by those we should be able to trust, we know that this simply isn’t the case.

Why are people so scared to die? Why do these people hold onto the political and economic power at all costs? Are they scared of judgement, in this world or the one to come? Do they really think a human heart grown in a pig will save them? We will have resurrected body without corruption or decay. Secularism is about to be shown for what it is. It claims to be a non-theistic worldview, but it degenerates into a satanic worldview which destroys the world. Many will come to faith in the days ahead.

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