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Over recent years we have had several major protest movements globally.

1. The first has been the Occupy Wall Street protests. These started occurring after the 2008 bank crash, in which many people lost their houses, and the government bailouts favoured the rich. Then governments brought in austerity measures to pay back debt, and this withdrew many services from the poorer sectors of society. Who suffers in this? The poorer sectors.

2. More recently the climate or environment protests have gathered more force and become known as Extinction Rebellion. This is calling for a virtual lockdown on travel and the economy to recover the natural resources of the planet. 1,500 private jets flew government personal and business leaders to Davos in 2019 to discuss the strategy. The real purpose is a reorientation of the economy in the favour of monopolies and new markets. The number one issue in environmental devastation, which is the Monsanto agrochemical monopoly, was not addressed. Who suffers in this? The poorer people and working class? How will they be helped? Either by abortion to cull their populations or by a minimal wage state payment. This is the plan of the Great Reset (World Economic Forum), as stated in their literature and conferences.

3. We have also had the Black Lives Matter protests, again about the inequality and injustice regarding sectors of American society that go back hundreds of years and were addressed somewhat by Martin Luther King Jr and his peaceful protest movement.

4. We have had Anti Lockdown protests all over the world, which address the hardship that has come upon large sectors of the society due to draconian and harsh economic and health care measures against the poorer of society. These lockdowns have also been seen as opportunities of the wealthy sectors of society to reorganise the economy in their favour by government bail outs, failing old businesses and new markets. Protesters perceive the government bailouts in favour of the rich will bring to them more austerity in the years ahead. The government turns a deaf ear, being secured by the rich corporate leaders through lobbyist funds, the private sector’s control over international capital flows, and personal job and pension benefits for the elite.

5. In Nigeria we also had the End SARS protest over the SARS police force. This reflects wider issues about long term hardship in the nation, the rule of the elite over the poor sectors. When looking at this long-term increase of poor economic conditions in Nigeria, we see its root cause in global corruption. Offshore and secret bank accounts operated by Western governments means billions of dollars are illegally syphoned off in collusion with global actors. The International Monetary Fund makes loans to Nigeria tied to conditions that weaken local industrial interests. The result is the destruction of hundreds of millions of lives, causing more death than any wars we have ever seen.

All of the above protests have a common root cause, which is the rise of the power of the elite in recent decades, especially since the capital deregulations in the Thatcher/ Reagan years. Now over one half of the world’s wealth is owned by under 1% of the population. This 1% controls a much higher ratio of the world’s economic power. Each year, even during this lockdown year of 2020, much more wealth is shifting to this 1%. If this keep happening, revolution can be the only outcome. This has been the outcome in history when the aristocracy suppresses the world around them.

6. We have also had protests about the terrible state of refugees in the world, which has come about largely by Western meddling and wars in other nations for control of their resources. Again, this is the control of the elite powers (oil, other resources, and munitions industry), without regard for human interests, or even for the environment. This is what has given rise to the terrorist movements, when have also been largely funded through the above mentioned secret offshore funds. It’s the rotation of the global economy, in which the rich get richer and the poor lose everything, including their lives. All this is achieved as the ruling class divide us against each other.


What can we do about this?

A) If we are in government, then make legislation that curtails monopolies and instead strengthens local economies and local environmental restoration at the grass roots level.

B) We can ensure we do not allow ourselves to become divided, but work together for the common justice, local autonomy, democracy, and prosperity of all local regions, not just our own local region.

C) Become witnesses of a new economy of care, by caring for our neighbour, loving our enemy, serving the oppressed, giving genuine opportunities to the marginalised, and building community rather than our own personal riches.

D) Do not participate in the injustice of the elite power structures, in their impoverishment of the world, but rather expose it.

God has come into our lives through the gospel to build a new temple, as seen in Ezekiel and Revelation. This is a world of decentralised power, where “Pharaoh” does not control the world, but rather a new heart in us all, where we share power and share resources and opportunity with one other. Respect for one another overcomes dictatorship and greed.

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