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3 – Pagan Murder

Creation is bringing cosmos (order) out of chaos. The creation stories of the pagans were really about the violent origins of their civilizations. But the biblical account shows that the rivalry of memetic desire isn’t defeated by murder…

5 – Human Nature, Violence & Our Modern World

We still have conflict within our modern societies, and this conflict is still because of idolatry. The idols don’t often resemble ancient ones, but they are still things made with hands, and we still bow down to them. Anything that comes between us and love for neighbour is something we bow down to…

6 – The Crucifixion & Scapegoating Exposed

The way the leaders came against Jesus followed the usual scapegoating strategy. They used faith and a sense of righteousness, godliness or morality against him. They claimed he had broken the sabbath, while this wasn’t true. The sabbath was about freeing people from economic slavery…

10 – Jesus Exposes Scapegoating

hat is the origin of scapegoating? We tend to think it was a system set up by God. We think that God requires blood to forgive the guilty party. We likewise think that sacrifice was a system set up by God, so he could forgive people. We believe that God is the one who requires […]

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