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2 – God’s Justice & The Problem with Substitution

grew up in a Western nation. In the post Second World War period, this meant that religiously we grew up with an emphasis on a judicial faith. The book of Romans was read this way. “God is angry at the sin of the world and was going to punish it. But Jesus stepped in and […]

8 – God Forgives But Sin Becomes it’s Own Punishment

ometimes it is difficult for us to look at the early chapters of Genesis without our accustomed glasses on. We have generally seen a wrathful God, reacting to human disobedience, taking vengeance for his holiness. But this view portrays God in entirely the wrong way. This is the way the Pharisees saw God. The view […]

10 – Moving to Restorative Justice

hen God formed Israel as a nation, he worked immediately to stem the level of violence. The formation of Israel was aimed at providing a model of an anti-empire. All powers in the world followed the model of Egypt. This began before the Flood, and the leaders of these empires were called the men of […]

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