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The United Nations “They Shall Beat Their Swords into Ploughs” Christian Foundations & Current Christian Attitudes by Kent Hodge The United Nations isn’t some indispensable institution fulfilling God’s purposes in the world. However, many of its foundational and operational principles come solidly from the scripture and especially from the person and teachings of Christ. The […]

Our Antipathy

As a young Christian believer in Australia I noticed an antipathy towards the United Nations in the churches I was a part of. This was supported by the end-times views that were strong among the Christians. It was a certain way of reading the book of Revelation and other texts by Paul in the New […]

The Wars

The First and Second World Wars highlighted the horrendous outcome when nations don’t work together but seek instead to build their own interests and empire. What was called “the war to end all wars” ended up starting the greatest mass killing of people the world had ever seen. And it didn’t end war. It began […]

The Birth of United Nations

By the time the First and Second World Wars had ended, many Christians were no longer looking for renewed conditions of peace on earth, but instead for increased confrontations that would lead to the second coming of Christ. This earth would be destroyed, it was said, and our future was in heaven. Seeking social improvement […]

The Value of the United Nations

I carried my disdain for the United Nations from my early Christian years with me for a long time. I would rather invest my hopes in a “Christian America.” When we look at the Medieval Crusades for Jerusalem, we see what can become of misplacing our hopes in this way. The disservice these Crusades did […]

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